About Cardiff West

‘About Cardiff West’ was a community arts project commissioned by Cardiff Dance Festival.  Choreographer Joanna Young, composer Jamie McCarthy and filmmaker Simon Clode worked with students from Ty Gwyn School, Woodlands High School and Michaelston Community College to create a dance film that explored the ideas around mapping, creating our own unique record in movement, sound and film of the Cardiff West area.

To find out more or to see the film please email Joanna Young or Cardiff Dance Festival.


Supported By:

The Cardiff West project has been supported by the City of Cardiff Council, the Arts Council of Wales and Cardiff Dance Festival. Special thanks to Carey Davies at ACE (Action in Caerau and Ely), Luke Bafico, Carys Smith, Iain Payne, and to all the staff and participants at Ty Gwyn School, Woodlands High School, and Michaelston Community College.


Cardiff Dance Festival 2016


  • Choreographer / Director / Facilitator Choreographer / Director / Facilitator
  • Composer / Facilitator Jamie McCarthy
  • Film Maker Simon Clode
  • Assistants Luke Bafico and Carys Smith
  • Made with and performed by students from Ty Gwyn School, Woodlands High School, Michaelston Community College
  • Commissioned & Produced by Cardiff Dance Festival