Re:Defining Beauty

Commissioned by The Place, Creative Teaching and Learning and The British Museum ‘Re:Defining Beauty’ was a three month process working with dancers and community participants over 50.  The piece was made in response to the British Museums exhibition Defining beauty: the body in ancient Greek art, and was performed within the exhibition.

During the creation period we all spent time in the exhibition, talked about ageing, beauty, older people’s bodies and how they are seen in our culture.  Many people felt witnessed and seen by their peers, but not by their wider community.  We hoped the performances would begin to address this perception of ageing.  Our approach was to respond to, and frame each of the participant’s journeys throughout the 3-month creative process.

Participate wrote an article about the project, which you can read here.

"It's not superficial. Something deep and beautiful is happening here."

— Donald Hutera in 'Participate' Magazine

"Gentle, kind and thoughtful but completely with a purpose in mind all the time. Not to mention creative and talented.
Utterly brilliant."

— Participant feedback on the process

Supported By:

Commissioned by The Place, Creative Teaching & Learning and The British Museum


Presented at The British Museum on the 27th June 2015


  • Choreographer Joanna Young
  • Composer Jamie McCarthy
  • Co-Producer & Arts in health practitioner Lucinda Jarrett
  • Co-Producer Chris Thomson
  • Administrator Ania Coverdale
  • Photography Pari Naderi