Responsive Spaces

Produced by The Place, Creative Teaching and Learning, Responsive Spaces was a workshop leading to performance interventions in response to Siah Armajani’s retrospective An Ingenious World exhibited at The Pasasol Unit, London.  
Starting in – and inspired by – the Alfred Whitehead Reading Room, choreographer Joanna Young facilitated a workshop; exploring themes of house/home, connection and imagined space in the work of Siah Armajani. Working in movement, gesture, text and mark-making, participants developed their own creative responses in different media, creating short ‘interventions’ that were presented in and around the Gallery.

"I was delighted by the clarity of the approach, and, although not a trained dancer, I was really made to feel my presence was valued. Learning and sharing with Joanna and the group was a real pleasure."

— Participant feedback

"I gained so much from such a quiet, poetic approach to the space and the work"

— Participant feedback

"(…)beautiful to be active, embody the space and create a dialogue with sculpture"

— Participant feedback

Supported By:

The Parasol Unit and The Place, creative teaching and learning.


The Parasol Unit, September 2013


  • Choreographer / facilitator Joanna Young
  • Producer Chris Thompson, The Place Creative Teaching and Learning
  • Assistant producer Ania Coverdale
  • Commissioned by The Parasol Unit
  • Photography ‘Responsive Spaces’ Dance Workshop with The Place, Siah Armajani: An Ingenious World, Courtesy of Parasol unit, 2013’