Army of me

Mapping the real and the illusionary – drawing on personal reflections, memories, projections and references of both physical reality and imagined events – Army of Me is a portrait of many selves, presented as distorted echoes in a world made of small pieces.

With inspiration from the work and process of visual artist Brychan Tudor, and a series of paintings by Amy Cutler. She lies down, sits up, stands, and walks.

Army of Me has been presented in a variety of contexts throughout the Uk & is currently available for UK and International touring.

In its full form the piece is a 20 minute solo, presented in theatres, with an exquisite lighting design and quadrophonic sound. The piece can also be adapted for studio spaces and galleries.

“It is the stuff of memory made manifest in all its clarity of detail.”

— Writing about Dance

‘The performer moves through her own world, but she is more than herself; her brilliantly-projected shadows move with her…’

— Wales Arts Review


Currently available for UK and International touring

Venues shown:

The Place, Robin Howard Dance Theatre

Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

The Borough Theatre, Abergavenny

The Riverfront, Newport

Arcade Cardiff (Gallery)

The Maynard, an arts festival curated by Simon Whitehead (Village hall)


  • Choreographed by Joanna Young
  • Created with and performed by Kirsty Arnold
  • Sound composed by Filipe Sousa (with extracts of recordings from Brychan Tudor & Filipe Sousa)