The task is simple – recreate a piece from the past.

With a new cast of dancers, Recall sees Joanna Young return to Re-creating PenGwyn, an absorbing and critically acclaimed production she made in 2012. What changes, what disappears and what remains when you start again?

Four performers make their way through a shifting landscape. Sometimes a stage, or a zoo, sometimes a house, or the arctic. They transform from self to animal, from the subtle to the extreme.

Described by The Dancing Times as ‘an adventurous choreographic voice’, Joanna Young’s work is delicate, intricately crafted and riveting to watch.

'a layered, intriguing work' ****

— Western Mail / WalesOnline

Supported By:

Arts Council of Wales



Currently available for UK and International touring

Spring tour 2014


  • Artistic Director / Choreographer Joanna Young
  • Dance Artists Makiko Aoyama, Jacob Ingram-Dodd, Innpang Ooi, Louise Tanoto
  • Design Gerald Tyler
  • Composer Filipe Sousa
  • Associate Producer Chris Ricketts
  • Mentor Lea Anderson