Don’t think about a purple daisy

A collaboration between choreographer Joanna Young, composer Jamie McCarthy and dance artist Belinda Neave Don’t think about a purple daisy began as a research project exploring notions of choice, autonomy and freewill. Arising out of that research, this performance installation combining sound, film and dance tentatively explores what it is to be.

Being. Being with order – being with chaos. Being with. You being. Human being. Being with feelings. Being with things. Being on our own. Being with people. Being with and without thoughts and ideas.

The research process began with a 3 week residency at Work Space Brussels with choreographer Joanna Young and composer Jamie McCarthy.  The first week involved a series of conversations with Brussels based artists around notions of choice.  The work has since been developing into a performative installation using multiple sound and film sources and intricate objects.  Since returning back to Wales Joanna has began working with dance artist Belinda Neave, creating an interactive durational installation, which premiered at Cardiff Dance Festival in November 2015.  

The work is now available for UK and international touring and can be accompanied by workshops suitable for all ages led by Joanna Young and Jamie McCarthy.  Please contact for further information and a touring details.

“The workshops gave participants the opportunity to explore new areas of dance creation and performance that they had not come across before, particularly the focus on and manipulation of natural sounds. The concept of thought and being are universal, making the workshops suitable for targeted wide age range, and the clear and simple language used communicated complex concepts to even the youngest of participants.”

Quote from Dance Blast on the workshops held before the performance installation.  

“Nurturing and nourishing, food for mind and spirit.”

— Wales Arts Review

"Joanna has an enquiring view of the world. The more she digs, the more she finds. The more things get uncovered, the richer her work becomes and the sharper her digging."

— Chris Ricketts, Cardiff Dance Festival

"The audience could connect to the work on many levels, through interacting with the beautiful objects and displays, and observing Belinda Neave’s captivating solo performance."

— Sally Carlson, Director The Dance Centre, Dance Blast

"Joanna’s work is unique, innovative and inspires a new perspective and appreciation of the ordinary."

— Emily Pritchard, Dance Blast Tutor

Supported By:

Arts Council of Wales, Wales Arts International, Work Space Brussels, Cardiff Dance Festival, Creu Cymru, The Borough Theatre, The Dance Centre - Dance Blast, Chapter Arts Centre, National Dance Company Wales


Currently available for UK and International touring

Suitable for studio theatres and gallery spaces

Interactive performance installation combining live performance, sound, film and objects.

Past performances:


The Dance Centre, Abergavenny 

Kaai Studios, Brussels, hosted by Work Space Brussels (Work in progress)

The Riverfront, Newport as part of Wales Dance Platform



  • Choreography & film Joanna Young
  • Composer Jamie McCarthy
  • Dance Artist / co creator Belinda Neave
  • Design consultant Gerald Tyler